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You may be completely innocent of any wrongdoing, but when the flashing lights of a police car show up in your rearview mirror, or the authorities come knocking at your door, there is inevitably a surge of adrenaline, fear and anxiety. If you are arrested and charged with a crime, those feelings of fear may quickly turn to confusion as you attempt to navigate the state or federal criminal justice system. By working with a skilled attorney, you can rest easily knowing you have someone looking out for you.

Strong And Intelligent Criminal Defense Strategies That Achieve Results

I am attorney Jim Halley and I defend the rights of the criminally accused in Portland and throughout Oregon. With years of experience successfully defending clients facing all types of charges and hailing from various walks of life, I have developed and honed defense strategies that I tailor to the individual needs of those I represent. Whether your son or daughter has been arrested for possession of marijuana while away at school, or you have been charged with DUII here in Portland, I will work closely with you to mitigate the consequences of your arrest.

Licensed to practice in both state and federal court, I have represented clients facing the following types of charges:

  • Federal and State criminal cases
  • Felonies and Misdemeanors
  • DUI/DWI/DUII charges
  • Drug Charges
  • Weapons Charges
  • White Collar Crime Charges
  • Fraud and Money Laundering
  • Sex Offense Charges: Rape, Sex Abuse, Child Pornography
  • Property Charges: Theft and burglary
  • Violent Offense Charges: Homicide, Manslaughter, Assault, Robbery and other Measure 11 charges
  • Appeals
  • Expungements/Set Asides

It is important to protect yourself after any arrest. Don’t divulge any information to the authorities. The Founding Fathers gave you the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments for a reason. Use them. Demand your right to speak with a lawyer.

Protect Yourself And Your Future With Representation From A Local Lawyer

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